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Upcoming Meetings and Events

Select Board Meeting
July 8, 2024 
6:00 PM Cushing Community Center
Agenda, when available, here .

Planning Board Meeting
August 7, 2024
6:00 PM Cushing Community Center
Agenda, when available, here.


Bid Requests

Old Food Pantry Real Estate here

Hathorne Point Road Work  here

Killeran Lane Paving here

2024 Engineering Bid here

Bid Request for Demolition and Removal here

Town Salt/Sand Shed Repair Bid Request here

Town Annual Report – 2023

2023 Town Reports are available now at the Town Office and Library.

PDF Version here.

Call for Volunteers – Cushing Warming Center

The Cushing Warming Center is seeking dedicated volunteers to ensure the well-being of those experiencing electric outages during winter storms. Details here


This is a reminder that dog licenses are now available. The rabies vaccination must be current at the time of licensing. The license renewal fee is $6.00 for spay/neutered; $11.00 for able to produce. Please renew on or before January 31st. to avoid a $25.00 late fee.

Town office information on the left.
Licenses may also be purchased online at www.doglicensing.com


The Town of Cushing’s Assessor’s Office

Cushing Assessors Report to Town

Update on Property Assessment in Progress here

 Property  Owner’s Guide to Revaluation

New guide available here

A town wide revaluation of all properties located in our town is underway and in-progress. See message here.


Property Tax Stabilization Program Repealed

The Property Tax Stabilization Program has been repealed by the Legislature in response to concerns regarding inequity and reimbursement costs.

Any taxpayer whose application was submitted prior to December 1, 2022, and approved, will still receive the “freeze” on their 2023 property tax bill.

Since the program has ended, there will be no re-application process.

Taxpayers may qualify for the expanded Property Tax Fairness Credit and the Senior Property Tax Deferral programs among others. Information and applications for all Maine State programs can be found on our professional assessor’s website:


The assessors are in the Town Office on Thursdays.  If you need to speak directly to them, you can call at 354-2375 on Thursday or call that number during the week to make an in-person appointment for Thursday.

Transfer Station Attendant

Department of Public Works
Town of Waldoboro, Maine Are you interested in recycling, are you interested in the environment, are you passionate about waste management? If you are, we have a job for you! We are looking for full-time Transfer Station personnel. We will be expanding our recycling program, and working towards our own composting program. We need someone who has a passion for how we handle waste into the future, bring your ideas and of course your work boots! We offer a competitive salary and benefits. If you are interested in pursuing a career in waste management, please visit the following page: here and submit an application. The work week is Tuesday through Saturday.

Maine Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Program
Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments or other housing costs due to COVID-19 related financial hardships? The Maine Homeowner Assistance Fund may be able to help.
Information here

A Message to Cushing Landowners

Dear Cushing Landowners,

As spring building season approaches I want to remind everyone that any building over 100 sq ft requires an intent to build notice before work can begin. Plumbing and Land Use applications are also required as needed.

All of these forms can be found on the town website at https://www.cushing.maine.gov/ordinances/. If you have any questions about these permits or other code enforcement questions feel free to email me at codecushingme@roadrunner.com. Or call 354-2375.

Matthew D. Deane
Code Enforcement Officer
Plumbing Inspector

Fiber Internet for Cushing

Dear Cushing resident,

We are reaching out to you, to request that you use the below link to provide internet speed test data that can be used by Cushing in a grant application to the state for grant money to bring fiber internet to our town.

As you may recall, our residents voted last June to join the Midcoast Internet Development Corporation, a community-owned broadband utility district, to bring high speed fiber internet to Cushing and other areas. A key part of our work has been to apply for state grant money to help build out this network. The state has decided that it will give grant money first to locations in the state that are considered “unserved” for internet service. The state defines “unserved” locations as those with internet speeds that are slower than 50 mbps download and 10 mbps upload. This is not based on what the internet company (e.g. Spectrum) says its speeds are, but is based on actual speed test data. If either of these measures is not met, the location would be considered unserved and eligible for state grant money. Importantly, Spectrum often has difficulty meeting the 10 mbps upload speed at many locations. Those locations would, therefore, be classified as unserved and eligible for grant money.

The state’s current map for Cushing lists Cushing as having 75 unserved locations and 807 underserved locations (speeds between 50-99 mbps download and 10-99 upload). We believe that the state mapping is inaccurate, and that Cushing has many more unserved locations than currently indicated. By clicking on the below link, you can automatically run a speed test and replace the data that the state currently has for your location with real, more accurate data. Correcting this with actual speed test data would allow Cushing to obtain more state grant money to install fiber internet.

midcoast.vetro.io      (enter your address in the box in the upper left)

Thank you for helping Cushing work towards building out fiber internet in our town.

Sincerely, Cushing Selectboard

General Assistance

The municipality of Cushing administers a General Assistance program for the support of the poor.  Pursuant to Title 22 MRSA §4305, the municipal officers have adopted an ordinance establishing that program.  A copy of this ordinance is available for public inspection at the town office.  Also available for inspection is a copy of the State’s General Assistance Statutes, as copies of the State law are made available to the municipality, by the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

Persons who wish to apply for General Assistance may do so at the Cushing Community Center Monday- 8:30am-4:30pm, Wednesday- 8:30am-4:30pm, and Friday-7:30-2:30pm.

In case of an emergency, applicants may contact: Cheryl Stackpole at 691-3496.

A written decision must be issued within 24 hours from the time of application.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ toll-free telephone number, to call with a question regarding the General Assistance Program, is 1-800-442-6003.

This notice is posted pursuant to Title 22 MRSA §4304-4305

Town of Cushing
Broadband Planning Report

A copy of the report can be found here

Food Pantry Volunteers
The Food Pantry is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact Karen Goodwill at 354-0669.

cushing town offices

Town Office, Library and Community Center
39 Cross Road
Cushing, Maine 04563

Town Office Hours:
Monday 8:30 to 4:30
Wednesday 8:30 to 4:30
Friday 7:30 to 2:30
Telephone: 207-354-2375
Fax: 207-354-1375


Substance Abuse and Recovery

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