Cushing, Maine
Recycling Procedure -- 2013 -

Materials Recycled in Cushing

How To Do It

Put like materials into paper or plastic bags and put the bags into your FREE RECYCLING BIN
The bin should be placed out for collection, each week, with your regular trash. There is no extra charge for
recycling pick-up for those who hire a trash hauler.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Committee Chairman Monika Magee, 354-8838 or
E-mail her at Phone Waldoboro Transfer Station at 832-7850 for first hand information

Effective January 1, 2005, householders became subject to mercury-containing product disposal rules
previously applying only to businesses and manufacturers.
The relevant Maine statutes are 38 MRSA 1663 and 1666. Here is a direct link to
relevant Maine statutes in case you wish to see them.
The Waldoboro Transfer Station (WTS) accepts any mercury containing items, such as
THERMOMETERS, THERMOSTATS, etc. so long as they are not broken. There is no drop-off fee, at this time.


  1. Corrugated cardboard and brown bags. Remove styrofoam inserts and dispose with regular trash.
  2. Mixed Paper: Junk mail (opened or unopened), greeting cards and gift wrap(no glitter or foil), calendars, brochures
    post-it-notes, cereal boxes with the inner liner bag removed, egg cartons, shoe boxes, paperback books, hardcover
    is not acceptable, but NCR carbonless paper is.
  3. Glass Bottles and Jars: Clear, green and brown glass. Rinse and remove lids but labels may stay on.
    Not Acceptable: mirrored, Pyrex, auto glass, ceramics, light bulbs and broken glass.
  4. Tin Cans and Aluminum: Tin and aluminum may be mixed. Labels may stay on, but rinse and flatten cans,
    if possible. Foil and pie plates should be clean. Metal jar lids with rubber gaskets are recycleable. For safety
    reasons, only empty aerosol cans are accepted.
  5. #2 HDPE plastic: Separate the milk and juice containers from other #2 plastic such as soap and detergent
    containers, discard the lids because they are not #2 plastic, rinse and flatten. Motor oil containers are not
  6. Motor oil should be taken to Prior's garage in Cushing for burning in the waste oil furnace.
  7. Usable Clothing is accepted, but not rags. Mark bag "useable clothing."

Special Handling

  1. Spent Batteries: Place in a clear bag or label, so collector will know they are there.
  2. Old Paint: Leave empty cans open until contents are dry. Cover partial or full cans tightly. Place cans
    so they are visible to the collector.
  3. Children's Shoes that Light up: Identify as mercury-containing shoes and enclose in clear bag.
  4. Fluorescent Bulbs can no longer be accepted by any trash hauler. But, you may drop off unbroken bulbs yourself at WTS,
    without a fee. The black starter boxes found in flourescent fixtures may contain PCB's and should also be deliverd there.
    They will be recycled appropriately
  5. Beginning in January 2006 all TV and computer monitors must be recycled. Presently, only Reliable Computers, in Rockport,
    sets aside a certain time to recycle them for a small fee. WTS accepts TV and computer monitors at anytime,
    but they are simply dumped into the trash hopper. Please make an effort to appropriately recycle your old TVs and Computer Monitors.