Cushing, Maine
Cushing Historical Society

The Historical Society is an association of residents and others who have an interest in the history of the
Town and its vicinity. Its stated purpose is "to collect and preserve information, documents, and artifacts related
to the history of Cushing; to encourage the publication of historical information; and to encourage the preservation
of significant landmarks." Members have also found considerable satisfaction from the social contacts resulting
from membership. There are about 190 members, many of whom are summer visitors. Meeting attendance ranges from 35 to 55

The Society normally meets at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of each month, from April through October,
but in April and October, the membership gathers for a covered dish supper starting at 6:00 PM.
A (usually) short business meeting precedes a program of an invited speaker on some historical subject, featuring
Cushing history, when possible.

The Society maintains an independent web site at It features listings of program plans and other current information.

The Society meets in its meeting house at 17 Hathorn Point Road, or in the barn that stands behind.
Once per year, there is a service in the old (1854) Society-owned South Cushing Church.
Starting in 2003 a series of art shows has been held annually in the barn behind the meeting house, termed the
"Arts in the Barn summer exhibition series." This activity will also occur in 2008.

The Society has mapped and catalogued the ancient cemeteries of the town, and assists the Town Cemetery Board
by maintaining a current list of burials, which is posted on the internet. In 2003 and 2004 it administered two financial
grants for restoration of the eight oldest of the 23 cemeteries and burial sites.